Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Visit with the Crawford's

I guess you could call it our annual trip to New Hampshire to visit the Crawford Family?
Whatever it is, I LOVE it.
It was a bittersweet trip because it is our last trip while we are stationed here in Connecticut.
I am going to miss them terribly even though I know I will have at least daily contact with Ali.
The kids were quick to play with one another this time in comparison to other visits.
Kendyl was so excited with the Silly bands we brought for her from our pit stop on the ride up.
I brought Shawn Alan a T shirt with a submarine on it to match CJ.
How could I not with Yogi, Chris and Tim all being former submariners?
So here is a snippet of our "last" trip to NH *sniff* I have to find the previous pictures of Sydney and Jackson from our other visits. Jackson now TOWERS over Sydney.
Ashley Gray
The baby boys on the swings with their matching Shirts... and Dakota... waiting for the watermelon. How many times did he pee that night Ali?
The awesome 5 year old January 05 Girlies
Deep in conversation
Digging Dirt
This boy is gorgeous.... Nearly 3 already. Where does time go?
Shawn Alan... adorable

Jumping Beans!
Until we meet again.... which better be sooner than later. We love you guys.