Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whats up?

Well... Wow.
I have not posted in EONS.
We are in Florida.
We made it here in the beginning of July and we are now at the point where Chris will be heading out to Diego Garcia.
We have been trying to make the best of our time together which is extremely limited now!
We have about 365+ days until he comes home!
We do not know a date but it should be in August next year some time.
We had major issues with the move.
Everything has finally made it to our house but it could have been a complete disaster.
I do not like the grass in Florida.
I also do not like the hornets/wasps what ever they are.
I hate biting ants.
Wolf spiders are able to keep you awake for hours once you spot one two in your home within minutes of each other.
Something bit Chris when we were swimming at the beach.
It is HOT.
I won't complain.
It will be hotter where hubby is.
CJ loves the beach. And the Pool. So do the girls.
There is an awesome dog park here.
It isn't all nasty like the one in Groton.
People are nice.
When you see them.
I got the girls in to the school I wanted and not the bad one they were slated to go to because of our address.
The girls are looking forward to their new school.
If CJ can do his business in the can maybe he will go to school too.
Sports are different in Florida.
I have not figured out the rotation.
I miss my CT friends.
Our puppies are all growing up.
I wish I had contact with the owners of all the pups. But I don't.
My kids are getting tan.
CJ is not compliant with haircuts.
I get to move in a year.
To where? We don't know.
Trying not to think about Chief's results which will be coming out soon.
I am going to assume Chris did NOT make it because he has not stomped through the desert.
I think Chris is more than qualified to be a Chief.
But. That is not what they want I guess.
I would love if my assumption was incorrect.
CJ has a lot of toys.
Most will not make the next move with us.
The air force base here is AWESOME.
I think all Air Force bases are better than any navy base.
Stupid Shipyards.
I have water in my ear because of swimming.
I won't complain.
It is nice to have a place to swim.
My dad has not had his surgery for his cancer yet.
They are getting another opinion.
Mom will be getting an ablation or pacemaker or both.
Don't know when.
Loving the new doc for the kiddos.
Can't wait to meet my REAL doctor!
Hoping to resolve some of my ongoing issues.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We are enjoying ours.
Looking forward to the day I get to see my husband in person again!