Saturday, May 29, 2010

Visiting with Old Friends

I have limited time left here in Connecticut.

So, if you want to chill with us, you better get your name penciled in!

Our schedule is quite full so ... time is limited... unless of course you are going to Florida in the next year! Then we could meet up down there!

TODAY I was able to meet up with an old and dear friend of mine Kristina and her son Thomas. We have been friends ever since we worked together back in 2002. What a crazy time that was!! We worked with adolescents with many different psychological issues. (and many other things!) We were able to survive somehow! Even though I got pretty banged up by one of the girls one night! Those were the days. Her son Thomas and my baby girl Kiley were supposed to be born 3 months apart. She was due in late October and I was due in Mid January. Well, there were other plans for both of us. She went overdue with Thomas and I had Kiley early... making them 1 month and 9 days apart. Craziness.

We met up at Burger King and then went to a local park to let the kids go crazy! It was nice to catch up and we hope to be able to get together again before we move out of the northeast.

Hope everyone is having a nice memorial day weekend. We are waiting for some storms. Tomorrow I will go to NEW HAMPSHIRE! Excited!

Have to empty my 8 gig memory stick which I FILLED! OMG!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Whatcha Been Up to?

Long time no post... crappy blogger here....
So, things have been super duper crazy around here.

Ashley got the all clear from cardiology from the pain she was having in her chest (probably muscular... softball has started.. so... the chest pain was most likely from that... I tried to tell her that but she thought she was dying)

Sydney does not have Central Auditory Processing Disorder. WOOHOO!

CJ is not allergic to ragweed, trees, pollen, dogs, airborne mold... hmm.. what else. I dont remember. So, just a stubborn stuffy nose from allergens but nothing in particular. Still have to wait and see on the peanuts.

Kiley, well she is Kiley.... still figuring out what we will do for her next year, Kindergarten again or 1st grade.

My dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. He had his bone scan yesterday and will be having a CAT scan next week to determine the path he will be taking to fight it off. Please keep him (and us) in your prayers (this is scary...)

We start packing out of our CT house in 26 days. THAT is scary. It means we are that much closer to the hubby deploying to Diego Garcia and that makes me sad.

We have a lease signed on a home in Florida! YAY! That is one less thing to worry about.

So, that is the QUICK update...

We have been nonstop for a couple of weeks between scouts, medical appointments, softball, and dance and everything else in between. Most days I dont know which way is up.

All the pups have gone to their forever families. I am hoping that the pups train well and none of them end up being shelter dogs and bounced from house to house. I need to let go of my worries and hope for the best for them. (only 2 I am worried about)

I hope you all have a happy and safe and FUN memorial Day weekend!
I am going to visit a super awesome friend in New Hampshire who I will miss dearly even though I only got to pop in about 1 time a year! Maybe she can hitch-hike to see me in Florida! tehhhe! Be on the lookout for super cute pictures!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


If I can't see their ribbon, I still can't tell you who they are! LOL! Well, some of them can be easily picked out of the bunch... but some of the others are so similar it is hard to tell.

They love to eat. And poo and pee. They are noisy. They are not nursing nearly as much. They eat puppy kibble which has been softened. They all have forever homes to go to. They are being loved on and manhandled like crazy around here. They love when they escape to the living room. The whelping box "graduated" twice. It is now in the kitchen where we have all the pups gated off and they can roam around in there. They are pretty good at doing their business on the paper. They love playing with their DAD! He seems to enjoy it just as much. They have fun with their toys and they love to tackle and wrestle each other. When I am in the kitchen they love to bite my ankles. We have a small pup, we have a big pup. We have a fuzzy pup and some medium fuzzy and some that appear much more Labrador. They are great puppies and we will miss them once they are gone but most days we are READY for them to go to their forever families! I tried to get a face shot of all the puppies today for their 5 week birthday but they are much too busy to cooperate with what I want!


This is Pup #1. He was a 2 colored ribbon because I had not bought enough colors before Rosa had the pups. Now he is "Yellow". His Forever Family is a military family and they have some teenaged children. The names they have been tossing around are "Noah" and "Odin". I am not sure if they have come up with his name yet for sure but last time I talked to them, those were the 2 on the top of the list. Of course their teen children will want some input. He is super cute and comes to the gates wanting attention when he realizes someone is on the other side!
Pup #2 Turquoise. His owner is a single lady who has roomates. They all are eager to bring this guy home with them! Several of her friends have come over when she has visited this little guy. He is going to be a spoiled boy. I LOVE him. He is most like his father in looks. He has a ton of fur and is the biggest of the bunch. He always comes to my feet when I am in the kitchen and is always good for an awesome squishy snuggle. His name the last time I talked to his Mom was possibly going to be "Bobo"
Pup #3 Purple. His forever family has some older children. They had a dog in the past who passed away and they are ready to add a new guy to their family. I do not know if they have any names picked out for this guy because I know his mom will want her kiddos to have some input in to his name. For now... he is "Purple" LOL. He is the most mellow of the bunch. He is also the most stocky. He is so stinking cute. We thought he was going to be one of the smaller ones but he has certainly caught up with the rest!
Pup #4 Green. His forever family will be coming for their first visit tomorrow. They were previously a military family but they are now in the civilian community! I have not met them but Chris has... so... He will be staying here in CT with his forever family. He is a good boy. Not too big and not too small and just the right personality! He has been a funny boy with his antics! But all in good ways!
Pup #5 Blue. This little guy will be with his forever family in New Hampshire! He has a HUGE family from all walks of life who will love on him! He will have a big brother doggie who is a Yellow Labrador. He will have kids who are from 2-20's in ages! And many adults who are just incredible people in so many ways. I can not say enough positive things about his forever family. He will certainly have tons of people to keep him busy!! Or... is it... he will keep all of them busy??? I cant wait to see pics of this guy IN THE SNOW! His name is going to be Sawyer Blue. GREAT name... his daddy's middle name is Blue as well (Hudson Blue)
Pup #6. Formerly known as Orange, I couldnt find orange ribbon so he became RED! And he is a little spitfire! He is SO fun to play with!!!! He is a happy guy and will make his forever family super happy! He will be going to a family with a "tween" and a little gal. His name will be Bruin. Can you guess where he got that name?! I had so much fun rolling around on the floor with him tonite! He is a love muffin.
Pup #7 Coral. She is one who can hold her own with all the boys! She is bigger than her sister. She will be staying here in CT with her forever family. She is going to go home with the family of one of Kiley's classmates. She will have some kiddos the same age as Kiley to keep her busy. Her name is possibly going to be Ruby if Mom and kiddos get their way! Dad didn't have any say in the name! LOL! I think Ruby is a cute name though! She certainly found a crazy way to sleep with her brothers in this shot!
Finally, Pup #8. Our little Pink ribboned gal. She is definitely the smallest of the bunch. She is going to be built just like her momma. She is Kiley's favorite puppy! If you can't find a puppy in the bunch, I guarantee you she is off running around with Kiley somewhere! She is going to be in my family forever!! She is going home with my sister and her family! I am so excited she will be my "niece" once she leaves our home! Her name is possibly going to be Sassafras... Sassy... Sassy Pants. And she is a SASSY little thing. SO cute.

I am certainly loving every little bit of time I get to snuggle with these little pups! They are keeping me busy with their noise and with their poo and pee. I LOVE their puppy breath and smelling their little puppy smells! (NOT INCLUDING POO AND PEE) I could snuggle with these buggers all day.... but, with our life, it isn't possible. I am going to do my best to make these pups ready for their forever families!