Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The pups are 2 weeks old

2 weeks old and... compare it with...
below... Hours old....

All have been "claimed"

Blue will be Sawyer

Pink is possibly Olivia

There are other people still deciding on names....

We also still have a waiting list. Incredible the interest in this bunch of black lab mixes!

They are so cool to watch... the things they are doing... Pink loves to howl... it is pretty cute. Blue, he can be a noisy boisterous one. "Walter" is SO darn sweet. His face is ADORABLE

they all have budding personalities and I am sure I will be updating on how they are developing in that sense!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We are 1 week old!

I can not believe it was a week ago we were watching as Rosa birthed these puppies!!! They are already developing personalities and they can make some NOISE! Rosa is doing well as a momma. Getting out of the box more often now and has her moments of thinking she is a puppy!!! HAHA! She just wants to lay in her cushy bed.... spoiled princess.

Pup #1, "Walter"... only named that because his 2 ribbons are the colors of the Chicago Bears.... Walter Payton.... We ran out of ribbon, I thought I was buying too much when I purchased 7 rolls of color... boy was I wrong! He is so stinking cute I cant stand it.

Pup #2 Turquoise

Pup #3 Purple (our little but super cute boy)

Pup #4 Green
Pup #5 Blue... he is a noisy boy, a mover .... and so full of personality. He is one of the bigger ones! AKA Sawyer Blue

Pup #6 Orange... LOVE him!

Pup #7 our pudgy girl, Coral ... She can hang with the big boys! LOL!

Pup #8, our little Girl Miss Pink... BOY can she MOVE though!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

4 1/2 days old!

Our pups have grown so much in such a short time!!!!!! AND they are starting to get little personalities!
Rosa is still a super mom. She saw the vet today and everything looks ok! Watching out for any signs of mastitis, or... not feeding the babies or whatever. But everything looks ok!

Pup #1.... Walter

Pup #2 Turquoise
Pup #3 Purple The Smallest boy in the bunch

Pup #4 Green

Pup #5 Blue (the noisiest of the bunch! and a HEFFER! HE has the biggest head of the bunch too!)
Pup #6 Orange

Pup #7 Coral... our chunky girl
Pup #8 Hot pink... she is our small girl, probably smallest of all pups... but boy can she move!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MEET our Crew!!

After a pretty short delivery time, We now have 8 little pups here!!!!! Amazing... and incredible...

My dog Rosa is amazing. She was such a trooper. She didn't make a single whimper during the whole process.

We are shocked at our group of little pups.... so, now I will introduce you to our babies...

I have NO clue which ones were born first, but the last 2, I know they were last. But not which one came first! HAH!

Baby #1 arrived at 6:30 am. Male, All Black like his daddy

(notice #1's Chicago Bears COLORS!)
Baby #2 arrived at 7:02 am. Male, All black like his daddy

Baby #3 arrived at 7:50am. Male, All black like his daddy

Baby #4 arrived at 8:00am. Male, all black like his daddy

Baby #5 arrived at 8:35 am. Male, all black like his daddy

Baby #6 arrived at 8:54 am. Male, all black like his daddy

Baby #7 arrived at 9:28 am. A GIRL!!!!!!!!!! All black like her daddy.


Baby #8 arrived at 10:32am. ANOTHER GIRL, all black like her daddy. She was bit sluggish and it was a bit scary, but she pulled through.

Thank you Doreen and Joan for all your information and support. Without you guys, I Really would have been lost. I am sure I will have more questions as the pups grow and develop!


It is now 5am EST and my doggie dog Rosa woke me up with her PANTING! Yes folks... looks like the day is upon us where our little munchkin poochies will be joining us....
please pray for strength for my sweet Rosa.... and for me... my stomach is churning already thinking about what is coming! BLECH!

Do not know what the timeline consists of for the birth.... gonna get some things together!
Adios! I will keep you posted. I am sitting by her whelping box in the meantime.....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful, quiet Easter this year. We did not attend any church services at all. We hung out in the living room and then outside and enjoyed our beautiful weather we have been having the past few days. After a crazy and hectic week, it sure was nice to just relax... oh, and I did some cooking! I made a lemon pound cake and a Carrot cake. I also made a chili cheese dip and Tex Mex Chicken appetizer. We went over to our neighbor's house and had Easter dinner with them. They also had an egg hunt even though it was mostly for our kids to hunt because Josh (Ashley's "boyfriend") decided he just wanted to help them find them. He helped to hide them. All in all it was a WONDERFUL relaxing day with good friends and good food... Our family and the Banks Family (minus 2 teenagers)
It's almost as if we are walking in to the "sunset" of our time here in CT. All of us. Our neighbor will be retiring from the Navy at the same time that we transfer. So, this Easter Celebration is considered one of our "No-More" events. "No-More" Easters in CT. Off they all go... No-More

Ashley and Sydney in a mad dash around the empty lot looking for those hidden eggs! Thank you guys for doing that!
It must be the age. Ashley is ALWAYS making faces now for pictures. Makes me CRAZY!

One Legged Jump Roping Sydney... notice the writing on the pavement done by my hubby!

Ashley 10 Years

Daddy and Sydney enjoying the sunshine

What did you find Sydney
VERY happy little boy
The kiddos ready for the egg hunt!

Kiley and CJ planning what to do with the skateboard...

How about we do it like this?
Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

A photo because I SHOULD be in bed.... and, well... I am not

My dryer died tonite. Did I tell you how our washer died a little while back... and thankfully a guy Chris works with was so generous and gave us an old one he had??? And how absolutely generous another guy he works with was ... he gave me an old cell phone he had (which is probably better than the one I LOST the other day in the monsoon)

And now this... a dead dryer. I guess 17+ loads a week is enough to make anyone unhappy... especially my washer and dryer. I think it heard about the new batch of muddy clothes and kicked it....

I am so grateful for the generosity of people....

Ah well. Chris is going to tear it apart tomorrow and I am going to lay clothing about in order to get it all dried out....
Softball practice for Sydney in less than 8 hours... and I am sitting here AWAKE

Rosa's thoughts on pregnancy.....

Well, I can't tell you what Rosa is thinking, but this picture might give us an idea....
So, instead I will just tell you some of my thoughts...
If there was a book called "Dog Pregnancy for Dummies"
Well.. I think I would be one of the first ones in line to purchase it!
I know there really isn't much to think about, and I have found some excellent resources, but... still.
I am not a dog, I don't know what my dog is thinking... and ... yeah. Being a momma to my pregnant dog is HARD. I wish I knew what she was thinking!
I wish I knew how many pups to be expecting. I wish I knew when she got knocked up.
I wish I knew a lot of things.
I am just praying for an easy delivery of healthy pups and a doggie who is an awesome momma dog... and HEALTHY.
So, we are still awaiting the arrival of our Grand-pups. I will definitely be keeping everyone up to date on the process....
And let me tell you... Joan and her blog have been a GOD send... Thank you Joan... I will be keeping in touch... and her blog makes me so eager to see our pups!
And an old friend Doreen .... Thank you for all your insight, advice, links, chatter in text and what not... I will be keeping you posted too!!!