Monday, November 16, 2009

Attempting to get a Photo for Christmas cards...

Every year I assume that it is going to be a quick photo opportunity and I am going to get the picture worth a million bucks... every year I snap a whole bunch of pictures and come out at the other end with NOTHING worthy of a Christmas Card photo... I am hoping to get some more opportunities to take some pictures of the kids for a Christmas Card. IF my cards go out late, you know why! I am on a mission to get that perfect photo! I may end up having to settle for a minor disaster though... but hey, that shows their true personalities, right? OR I could do like Ali and make a collage of individual photos of the kids.... hmmm.... something to ponder!


  1. Hahaha This is a cute post. Cute pictures too.

  2. Or a collage of all your outtakes. Now wouldn't that make for an interesting and unique Christmas card. You know the true meaning of Christmas with the little toddler escaping and all :).

  3. The middle one is very cute. I have the same problem!