Saturday, May 29, 2010

Visiting with Old Friends

I have limited time left here in Connecticut.

So, if you want to chill with us, you better get your name penciled in!

Our schedule is quite full so ... time is limited... unless of course you are going to Florida in the next year! Then we could meet up down there!

TODAY I was able to meet up with an old and dear friend of mine Kristina and her son Thomas. We have been friends ever since we worked together back in 2002. What a crazy time that was!! We worked with adolescents with many different psychological issues. (and many other things!) We were able to survive somehow! Even though I got pretty banged up by one of the girls one night! Those were the days. Her son Thomas and my baby girl Kiley were supposed to be born 3 months apart. She was due in late October and I was due in Mid January. Well, there were other plans for both of us. She went overdue with Thomas and I had Kiley early... making them 1 month and 9 days apart. Craziness.

We met up at Burger King and then went to a local park to let the kids go crazy! It was nice to catch up and we hope to be able to get together again before we move out of the northeast.

Hope everyone is having a nice memorial day weekend. We are waiting for some storms. Tomorrow I will go to NEW HAMPSHIRE! Excited!

Have to empty my 8 gig memory stick which I FILLED! OMG!

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