Friday, May 28, 2010

Whatcha Been Up to?

Long time no post... crappy blogger here....
So, things have been super duper crazy around here.

Ashley got the all clear from cardiology from the pain she was having in her chest (probably muscular... softball has started.. so... the chest pain was most likely from that... I tried to tell her that but she thought she was dying)

Sydney does not have Central Auditory Processing Disorder. WOOHOO!

CJ is not allergic to ragweed, trees, pollen, dogs, airborne mold... hmm.. what else. I dont remember. So, just a stubborn stuffy nose from allergens but nothing in particular. Still have to wait and see on the peanuts.

Kiley, well she is Kiley.... still figuring out what we will do for her next year, Kindergarten again or 1st grade.

My dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. He had his bone scan yesterday and will be having a CAT scan next week to determine the path he will be taking to fight it off. Please keep him (and us) in your prayers (this is scary...)

We start packing out of our CT house in 26 days. THAT is scary. It means we are that much closer to the hubby deploying to Diego Garcia and that makes me sad.

We have a lease signed on a home in Florida! YAY! That is one less thing to worry about.

So, that is the QUICK update...

We have been nonstop for a couple of weeks between scouts, medical appointments, softball, and dance and everything else in between. Most days I dont know which way is up.

All the pups have gone to their forever families. I am hoping that the pups train well and none of them end up being shelter dogs and bounced from house to house. I need to let go of my worries and hope for the best for them. (only 2 I am worried about)

I hope you all have a happy and safe and FUN memorial Day weekend!
I am going to visit a super awesome friend in New Hampshire who I will miss dearly even though I only got to pop in about 1 time a year! Maybe she can hitch-hike to see me in Florida! tehhhe! Be on the lookout for super cute pictures!

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