Friday, January 8, 2010

Five Question Friday

My Little Life
Wow Mama M!! You are SO good at keeping up with the 5QF! I am impressed!!! So, here we go!!! Dont forget to join in the fun!

1. What's your "comfort food"?
Look at me! Cant you tell ALL foods comfort me?!?!?! In all seriousness, I love going out to eat and that is comforting! HA! As long as nobody at the table is SCREAMING. I DO have cravings for french fries, hot... crispy and SALTY! YUM! if it has to be sweet... I totally love a good piece of cheesecake!

2. Do you send Thank You's (handwritten or email)?
I try to remember to send them via regular mail but, I dont typically write them. I like to do the photo thank you cards from walmart. Then I mail those out.

3. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?
Good lord... I dont know. How bout HOUSE. That would be a fun one!

4. What is your favorite online recipe site?
hands down

5. If you had to choose: "Friends" or "Seinfeld"?
Neither. Never got in to either one. I guess Friends would be more of my pace though.

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  1. Love allrecipes...'cept the Pioneer Woman has replaced that, with her witty humor and stuff! Sorry I'm so late in getting around!

    Mama M.
    My Little Life