Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Puppies Yet

Well, after thinking we were getting closer to having pups, we are now into our second night of nothing! Rosa's temperature is fluctuating from 99.5 to 100.1

This probably means we are closer but, not there yet! I can feel and see the pups moving and it is just incredible to watch! And of course, it makes me happy it is NOT me this time! LOL! Although, I feel bad knowing what my poor pooch has to go through! I was hoping the pups were going to be born today because today is Hudson's 1st birthday! Wouldn't that have been an awesome birthday present?! HA! Not for HIM!

Rosa definitely hangs out by my feet most of the time if she has the opportunity. I guess we will be having April babies! I am hoping that Mom and babies are strong and healthy and we have a great outcome when all is said and done.

There is a huge interest in the puppies once they are born that I am going to have to come up with some sort of method to find my puppies the absolute best LIFE LONG homes. Even if they are Marley! LOL!

I am curious to see if they are going to be black or yellow or what they will be. My guess is there are 5 puppies and they are all black! We will see once the time arrives if I am right!

Chris built a whelping box. It is certainly not the best box, but it was still made with love! She is still eating and doesnt seem too out of sorts yet. She still loves her treats!

Milk does come out of her nipples and it can even be seen there spontaneously also!

So, time will tell! I just wish I knew how many more days....

Here is our Rosa tonite.

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