Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hudson is 1 and the monsoon

Today our crazy male puppy turned 1!!!

Because of the crazy rain, I didnt even get out to get him some special toy or something. I will get him something hopefully tomorrow when (hopefully) the rain water recedes.
This is just the small amount of flooding in the field behind our house.

I did not get any pics of the water way up on our side yard or during my tense drive to and from the schools. My hometown in Rhode Island has been hit real hard and I know many people are feeling the strain of the flooding and my prayers go out to them.

I lost my cell phone in the middle of trying to pick up Kiley from school today. I drove through some puddles the weather channel would have told me was a complete No-No. I needed to get my baby! I am still waiting to see the update on whether or not Kiley will have school tomorrow because as of right now I can see that the road is still blocked off by her school.
CJ went to the doc because he was limping weird. He still does it off and on but he does not express any pain so we are watching it.

And that is about it for now, one more day in March in Connecticut! Wow! Time is flying and I do not like that.
Oh, and CJ is eating dog food right now! What is WRONG with this kid?!

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