Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bell Family Updates

ME: I am trying to plan to get down to fleet and family service to figure out how I could go about getting some schooling done to become an RN. I graduated from URI in 1999 with a BS in Human Development and Family Studies but I am really drawn to medical stuff. It is all I ever have on TV. Chris always picks on me about having "The Placenta Channel" on all the time. So, I am hoping to find out something about how I can go about getting more education. Chris will be out of the Navy in a little over 5 years... so that is my time frame! Even though we will most likely be moving next July, I want to start getting the ball rolling in my education. (Again!)
I have my follow up on the 24th. I have not been taking my pills like I should be. I keep forgetting and have been trying to tweak a schedule that will work for me and bring me the most comfort. They arent major pills that I have to take. I do still take my Synthroid religiously but I need to put the Os-Cal (cant be taken with Synthroid) 2 times a day and the Prilosec. I have been getting some multivitamins in there as well. I was trying the Synthroid in the morning but it was making me feel like I had a swollen throat. BUT it also could have been a bout of allergies. Who knows, I am more comfortable with taking it at night. I have been anxious about the start of school and how our schedules will work out with the girls being at different schools. I have been at the base clinic over and over for appointments for everyone. I think they should have an open slot just for the Bell Family. I am getting a lot accomplished though. Slowly but surely.

Chris: This man makes me crazy. In a good way! He CLEP'd 9 Credits last week! SEriously?! This man has the elephant brain in this house! He is going to try and get Technical writing done today. If he passes, he will have 12 credits in a WEEK. That is like completing one semester in college in A WEEK.... He even CLEP'd BIOLOGY... WHAT?! GOOD LORD... I am so envious of his brains... but so proud of him. He is hoping to get his bachelors within the next year or so. He has the hard courses left... such as Calculus and what not. He is still really bummed that he didnt make Chief but is already getting his ducks in a row to hopefully make it next year. We should be able to start looking at orders for his next job in October. It will most likely end up including a move to the Norfolk, VA area.

Ashley: Her Lyme test came back negative but she is still having to take Doxycycline for the Ehrlichiosis. She had taken Amoxicillin in the beginning of the summer for the possibility of Lyme when we had removed the tick and she was symptomatic. They never ran blood work. Because her lymph nodes in her head were still enlarged after 4 weeks I had made the follow up appointment with an AWESOME doc who sent AShley for some labs which is where we found out the HGE was still high in her blood... so the antibiotic had not wiped it out. She is so excited about starting the 4th grade even though she is not accepted in to the Magnet school yet. I am hoping the schedules all work out and she can stay put if that is what she decides should her name make it to the top of the magnet school list. This should be our last year here and changing schools mid year is kind of silly. I guess you could say Ashley is our "Easy" one although she is getting that Tween attitude. I just got the book Care and Keeping of YOU from Paperback Swap at the recommendation of some of the moms on the MckForum. She is getting to the age where her peers are talking beyond their understanding and I am going to have to start explaining a bunch of this stuff to her... and most likely Sydney, at the same time. So, we have some reading to do!!! She just finished reading Coraline which was a cool comic book type book. I have to schedule her annual eye exam but I will not be returning to Pearle Vision so I have to look in to somewhere that I can bring them.

Sydney: I have been trying to set up a PPT... The school of course has not returned my phone call. The Neurologist and her Pediatrician recommended I set this up. She will also be meeting with a Sensory Integration person or something like that and also be getting a Psychological Evaluation done. We are also going to be getting her... hmmm... Good lord. Something else. Oh, Speech evalauation. Her report card came back at the end of the year saying she wasnt meeting grade level expectations in several different areas. So, we are going to see what is going on considering the Epilepsy and what not. And of course the year with the horrible teacher. Whatever. I am so confused as to what I should be doing and if it is going to be fruitless at the end of this journey. We will know her IQ! HAHA! So, it wont be completely fruitless. Either way, it is best we make sure everything is ok. If she had a great class this year I bet you we wouldnt even be having this journey! We have the Exceptional Family Member papers getting filled out and we will be waiting for all these other results to come back before we submit them. She wants to go to the Magnet school next year but chances are she will not be at the top of the lottery list before the beginning of the school year. Once again, we will be moving after this school year and dont know if it is worth it to move her mid year should her name come up. Once again, it all depends on the classroom situation. If I am not happy with it, then I would contamplate pulling her regardless of the fact we will possibly move next summer. She is still pretty happy go lucky!! Oh, and she is now also on Periactin for allergies which the ped thinks will work on Sydney's headaches when school starts. She has not complained much of having headaches since school got out.... coincidence? She also takes Nasonex and Singulair... they all have a specific job too which is why the periactin was added. So far so good.... it could make her tired and hungry so she takes it at bed time.

Kiley: We are getting her ready to start Kindergarten!! I am nervous. I am sad. I dont know if this is what I should be doing but the Pre-K was NOT enough for her. I know she will do ok. I am OK with it if she needs to repeat K next year because of her age or not meeting the expectations for the grade. I am worried about her getting on the bus by herself and crying. I dont want to watch the bus pull away with her with tears in her eyes. I wish one of the girls was also in the magnet school. I could pull her back to the local school but GOSH DARNIT... my kids deserve the BEST School in the District with the BEST teachers in the district. Why shouldnt my kids have the BEST equipped school and the BEST supplies... they have a nurse practitioner on staff, they have to walk every day with their class because it is a Wellness school... MY KIDS deserve it.. ALL of them. I wish there was some way I could get ALL of them in to the school before the beginning of the school year. Calling the schools now is NOT worth it... nobody is there. She has been having warts burned on her fingers which is not fun for her... and we found ANOTHER one on the bottom of her big toe. Grrr. I want them GONE. I dont want her to have anymore. I want the treatments to WORK. Ugh. We go back next week for her third time. First time for her toe.

CJ: He is in the QTEST kid contest for the local radio station and I think you should all vote for him a million times! He is # 102 in the 0-2 year category. I dont know what we would win but Gosh darnit.... whatever it is... we dont care, we just think he IS THE CUTEST! (except when having a melt down and decides to smack his head on the floor on purpose) PLEASE Vote for our little guy! Oh, and his name under his picture is Robert... because Robert is his REAL name!
He is going to miss his sissies when they all go to school. What am I going to do with just him?!
I went and had his exceptional family member papers filled out today for his Eczema and Allergies (peanut).... the doc wants him to go back to the dermatologist because of all the recent flare ups on my baby boy. I also have to get more aggressive with the lotion but he seems to hate me doing it.. I dont have eczema so I dont know if I am hurting him... he seems pretty uncomfortable when I do it and of course using hydrocortizone like it is going out of style isnt so cool either! He is finally getting better at being laid down in his bed to go to sleep without crying like a madman. He isnt too happy when we do but is settling down much better. He is asleep on my bed now for his nap because he was DIAPERLESS this morning. So, it begins!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Summer... mine has been full of medical appointments. As you can tell!!! School will start soon and we have entered the time of "No More's"
Meaning... No more August 11th's in Connecticut. No More 1st days of school in CT.... That is how we will be rolling until next July......

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  1. First I just want to say the Care and Keeping of You is an awesome book. Natalie and I have been reading it together since last summer. Last year she wasn't too into some of the stuff. I took it slow with her. What she wanted to know about and stuff. This year she has been beginning to change and develop and now has a lot more questions. I would highly recommend keeping it one on one though with the girls. While I know it's easier to do it all at once they need to know they can come to you in confidence and one might be in a different place than the other. Like I said last year Natalie was happy to just read the things about keeping clean and eating healthy and stuff. This year she's been much more curious about breasts and periods and stuff. So big difference in just a year. I love having the book though. And it was nice going to the doctor for Natalie's physical and having her already know all the stuff she was telling her about her changing body ;). I feel pretty confident that Natalie will come to me if she hears something in the school yard that she's not sure if it's true or not.

    Now, I wanted to tell you call the school! I bet someone is there. I've been to the school already twice this summer and both times the secretary was in the office. Once the principal was there. I even got a phone call from the principal today. The principals tend to work throughout the summer though. The teachers will start coming back soon to set up their classrooms and stuff too. So I definitely think you should call and see if you can get in there. I bet someone is there. I'm meeting with the principal and vice principal next week. Granted it's PTA stuff, but they are in the school.