Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday...

Hello all! It has been a while since I have participated in MckMama's Not Me Monday!

I dont know that I have so much to Not me about this week.... We will see what I can remember!

Join in the fun and share with us your Not ME!

*I did not grab the camera to take photos of my two youngest in the tub after my son had dumped an entire bottle of shampoo in it. I did not run the water to make even more bubbles for them to play in. The good parent would have scolded them, rinsed them and sent them to bed without their supper.

*I did not request more books off paperback swap that are about the FDLA Polygamist Mormons. I would not read about things that seem so warped to me.

*I did not believe the doctors when they said that Ashley's Lyme test would come back positive FOR SURE.... (Boy was I wrong, or... they were wrong! it was negative, but she was still high for Ehrlichiosis HGE)

*I did not buy my son a set of Thomas the Tank Engine Pajamas at Sears because he had finally made the connection after seeing an episode on TV. I didnt get all mushy gushy about how cute he was when he saw the backpack (which he didnt need) and go on a wild goose chase throughout Sears to find something USEFUL for him. Like the pajamas. I also did NOT take the tags off the jammies and put the shirt on him even before leaving the store.

*I did not cancel a dentist appointment this week FOR ME because I was less than an hour away from the appointment, had starving children from being at other appointments all morning and had already arranged childcare... why would I wait until the LAST minute to find someone to watch the children so I could get my mouth drilled?

And OF COURSE I have rescheduled... right?

*I am not confused about all the stuff I am trying to get set up for Sydney and her psychological evaluation. I am not procrastinating getting everything all squared away. I am not waiting for the school to return my phone call because they are always so reliable with getting back to parents needing information or appointments(conferences)

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  1. Happy Monday - sounds like you do NOT have a lot going on!! NOT!! Good luck!