Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is Coming....

Tonite we dared to brave the crowd and the traffic at the mall and waited in line for about a total of 1 hour.... but we got to see :The Man:
live, in the flesh... it was THE REAL Santa Claus.... My 9 year old told me!
Awesome! He came ALL the way down here to Connecticut to see my kiddos.... awesome!
We waited in line behind this young lady and her 2 super adorable kiddos... one was named Kylie and she was 18 months old and had a little brother who was 8 weeks old. SUPER adorable and even more cute when they sat the little girl on Santas lap and she SCREAMED bloody blue murder. Setting an awesome example for my son as to how he should act! LOL!
We tried several different tactics for CJ to get him to be ok for a picture and we just ended up with Sydney holding him. NOT always the best choice! LOL! Ah well, I think the pic is OK!
Sydney asked for Furreal Friends Lulu the cat
Ashley asker for an electric guitar with an amp
Kiley asked for a big makeup kit and a chocolate calendar.
I dont know if CJ asked for anything! HAH! The girls might have said he wants some Robbie the talking truck or something like that!
We shall see what Santa brings in his satchel of toys!

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