Friday, April 2, 2010

Rosa's thoughts on pregnancy.....

Well, I can't tell you what Rosa is thinking, but this picture might give us an idea....
So, instead I will just tell you some of my thoughts...
If there was a book called "Dog Pregnancy for Dummies"
Well.. I think I would be one of the first ones in line to purchase it!
I know there really isn't much to think about, and I have found some excellent resources, but... still.
I am not a dog, I don't know what my dog is thinking... and ... yeah. Being a momma to my pregnant dog is HARD. I wish I knew what she was thinking!
I wish I knew how many pups to be expecting. I wish I knew when she got knocked up.
I wish I knew a lot of things.
I am just praying for an easy delivery of healthy pups and a doggie who is an awesome momma dog... and HEALTHY.
So, we are still awaiting the arrival of our Grand-pups. I will definitely be keeping everyone up to date on the process....
And let me tell you... Joan and her blog have been a GOD send... Thank you Joan... I will be keeping in touch... and her blog makes me so eager to see our pups!
And an old friend Doreen .... Thank you for all your insight, advice, links, chatter in text and what not... I will be keeping you posted too!!!

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  1. It'll be exciting, for sure!

    Anytime you're headed west, stop on out. We'll give CJ a genuine tractor ride. :-)