Thursday, July 23, 2009

If you are the praying type....

I just want to put out my own list of people who are in need of some prayers....

Some people host their own prayer lists where you can put in some requests, but, I figure I will make a list of some special people to me... I think I have too many to list on someone else's blog so I will make one here ....

My mom, Lois. She has had issues with her heart since she was 39 years old and I worry about her alot and her well being. She has been struggling recently with an infection in her eyes which has left her with severe blurred vision and lots of discomfort. The house she grew up in is being sold and I know it has been heavy on her heart with all the things she has dealt with with my grandmother her whole life and even still after my grandmother passed.

My dad, Don. Because he is my dad and has his medical issues and I worry about him.

My brother, Brad. That he is able to push forward in life and be successful in his path and that his medical stuff is able to be relieved and problems are overcome. That he has the strength to push forward and make sure all his needs are met.

My sister, Alison. That she has strength to deal with the issues that have been on the forefront in her life and that she has success with her career.

My brother in law, Ray. That his medical issues are benign and that he has the strength to get through wherever his path leads him.


My friend Julie who had 3 embryos transferred in to her body today for a family who desires to have a family. That at least one baby takes and is carried to full term so that a family can be blessed with a child. This will be her third surrogacy and her last one was born exactly one week before my CJ. We were preggo buddies.

My friend Donna who's son Joe is in the military. Her mother is also battling cancer. I am praying for strength for Donna and her family and healing for her mother.

My friend Rhonda and her son Ryan. Ryan has been having a lot of medical testing done for almost his whole life to find out "what is wrong". He will be 2 in Sept and has been labeled as failure to thrive recently. The current study is to find out if he has a protein deficiency of some sorts or if it is all Dairy issues. This poor little boy is constantly being poked and prodded and is making many trips to Yale for medical testing. I think tomorrow he is having an Endoscopy. (or is it next friday?)

My friend Ali who has a son with RAD (attachment disorder) and is HIV positive... she adopted her son from Haiti. He is about 13ish years old. I am praying that Ali and her family continues to have the strength and patience to deal with all the little things life throws at them. And that her son's levels start to become stable again.

My friend Ju who lost her daughter Sydnie Claire in a drowning accident in 1997. She currently has her 2 babies in ISR classes. I am praying for Ju to continue to have strength to push forward. I know watching her babies in this class has been trying even knowing it is for the better.

My mother in law in Georgia for her mental health wellness.

My mother in law in California, Betty, who recently had the one year anniversary of being in a propane explosion and near death for many many months. She was released from rehab several months ago and is still struggling with many issues related to the major burns she received and infections and everything else.

that is it for tonite... If I somehow come up with some more, I will add them..

Thank you all!

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