Friday, July 31, 2009

The stress of it all...

is eating me away... one little anxious chunk at a time.
We are waiting for the results of who will be the lucky Chief Selects (E-7) in the Navy. The people who make board (pass the test) in January then have their records sent to a group of big whigs who convene in Millington, TN. Those big whigs then go through the records and determine who will become a Chief Select and later be pinned as a Chief in the Navy.
This is Chris' 4th time making board (he has taken the exam 6 times, 2 times not making board)
This could mean a variety of things.... if he makes it or not.....
We could stay in CT... we might end up moving to Virginia. Next July that is...
It is all up in the air. and it is KILLING me waiting. There are so many rumors as to when these results will be out. Most people are guessing they will come out today because of scheduling events that take place in the next 6 weeks. Some people say next friday (I DONT THINK MY MIND can last that long).... some people say Tuesday.
Why do I think he WONT make Chief?
*he has not been deployed in a long long time. And being in the Corpsman rating now, that is a huge thing. On the flip side of that, last year he was not considered deployable because of medical issues (which come to find out never existed).... which have since been cleared up and he IS deployable. ANY time something does come up for a deployment to the sand box areas of the world, they deny the men/women the orders because of manning issues. So, here we sit with no deployment on the records.
* his test score was not spectacular although it was passing and that makes you eligible to make Board. .... the test.... yeah... see.... Chris is a corpsman. technically speaking. BUT... he does not have the same duties as a corpsman we would all think of.... he does not have any involvement with patient Care. Chris is a BioMedical Technician... He REPAIRS hospital machinery, equiptment etc. He has a GREAT job... but... he does not do typical corpsman duties. I think there needs to be a seperate rating for him. The exam... DOES NOT have ANY questions on it regarding Biomedtech duties. BUT.. it does have Pharmacy, Radiology, Dental etc. Umm... I see a problem... Chris doesnt have ANYTHING to do with that stuff. Although, he did AWESOME on the exam on the portions dealing with Patient Care and First aid and what not.

Those are both 2 huge yucks for him.

NOW... the things that my husband is AWESOME for...
*out of 48 1st class persons in Naval Health Care New England... my husband is ranked #4... under 3 Career Counselors (Dont even get me started on that)...... So, outside of people who are the Master Chief's Right hand man.... he is #1.... for "Normal" First Class'
*He makes Sailor of the Quarter for the NACC (Where he works) at least one time per year
*He made Sailor of the quarter for NHCNE (Naval Health Care New England)
*He was up for Bio Med Tech of the year for the Navy (I THINK he came in 2nd, I cant be 100% on that one though)
*He is working towards his associates degree in his "free" time
*He completed his apprenticeship program
*He received an award (ribbon) for Volunteer Time
*He has improved on his PRT (Physical Test)
*His Evaluations have been phenomenal

I could go on and on... as to why my hubby is the awesomest.... and deserving...
and we cant forget that next year he will be going back to sea duty or possibly being deployed once his time here in Groton is up.....

If he MAKES Chief, they might not have to worry about getting a NEW Chief for his job.. because we could just stay put....

I already popped 2 motrin for the headache... and pushing the numbers and ideas around in my head still isnt helping. COME ON NAVY... LET US KNOW... this is a slow and torturous DEATH they are giving me. UGH....

Please, if you can... cross your fingers for My husband and our family..... (AND TAMMI's TOO!)
this is a big deal...

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