Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Show us your STELLAN!

While browsing around the MckForum, another woman posted that she wanted to try out the Mcklinky and have everyone show the world THEIR STELLAN! I figured I could include Ali in my Stellan pic because I know we have both been following the McKFamily for quite some time. It isnt the same as some of the other photos in the Stellan photo Gallery but I dont live in Merrimack, NH so it is like sharing my adventures with the world, and of course I am also wearing my Unfolding shirt!

Now, how did I get to know Ali??? THE INTERNET! Crazy isnt it? We were on an old AOL bulletin board for moms who were expecting babies in January 2005. She had Kendyl in January 2005 but I had to have my January baby in December. But, we became fast friends and I was actually able to meet Ali in December 2005 at a mall in Massachusetts! I have met many women from that bulletin board. I feel extremely blessed to have stumbled upon that bulletin board. One of my other wonderful friends from that board is Julie... aka Ju. She also had a daughter 10 days before I had CJ. And of course her little guy was born in January 2005. I am blessed. Ju and her husband William are also CJ's Godparents.

Go check out all the other Stellan photo's!

so, enjoy my "Stellan" photo!

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  1. Gah! You've saved me from being totally linkless! I heart you! Thank you so much!!!