Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ashley is NOT tone deaf

Tonite while watching television we accidentally switched it to one of those local television stations that often has "fundraising" efforts to "save" the television station. I am sure you all know the channels I am speaking of.
Anyways... it was a beautiful accident to have landed on this station.
This station made bunch of amazing lightbulbs go on in Ashley's little 9 year old brain.
At the beginning of the school year Ashley had decided she wanted to be in the orchestra again and play her Violin. So... like the great mom that I am, I sent the paper back in to school.
THEN... we got the paperwork from the Band. She wanted to be in the band. We attempted to get her to understand the success she has had with her Violin and the opportunities out there for great violinists. We tried to explain what happens when you join the band and the opportunities for kids who are in the band vs. orchestra. Well. She is 9. That didnt matter. What matters is TODAY. So. I sent the paper in to the band director like the good mom that I am and she was selected to play the clarinet in the band. THEN... the day orchestra had practice, her teacher went down to her room and told Ashley she WAS going to be IN the ORCHESTRA. NOT band. She wasnt going to let Ashley go. Ashley of course was a bummed little 9 year old pretty much stomping her feet because she wanted to be in the band.
Of course at her age they cant quite grasp the idea that one day they will be 90 and look back and think "Maybe I should have stuck with the violin". No regrets right?
I tried to explain to Ashley that she could have the band instruments as a hobby and the Violin as her "job" so to speak. We would try and get our hands on some band instruments for FUN and she can just work with the orchestra teacher on getting her Violin lessons and skills.
That sort of made her happy. NOW Sydney has gotten the Cello so it is another instrument Ashley has been able to sort of toy with. She HAS the skills.
So. Tonite on our accidental television mishap... We stumbled upon a man named David Garrett who was playing his Violin... and he is INCREDIBLE. For a pledge of 70.00 you could get a ticket to his concert in Hartford. Well. We tried. My mom was going to purchase 2 tickets for Ashley as a birthday gift so I could bring her to see David. Well. We didnt get tickets. After much research tonite I know why. This man has set the world record for being the fastest violinist. He has been playing since he was 4 years old and has not mastered the Violin. He plays on a multimillion dollar Violin. Amazing. Ashley is enamored. She was SOLD when she heard him playing smooth criminal on his Violin. The lights went on. She GETS it... SHE SEES now what practice and hard work can get you. She pulled the seat closer to the television and was gone. She was in the zone. She has a new idol. When she got the opportunity she went to her room and reappeared in the living room with her trusty 3/4 Violin. She thought for a minute... and then... there it was.... she played the beginning of Michael Jackson's smooth criminal in under a minute. WITHOUT looking at anything. This child is amazing. She just might have some talent! I am SO glad she stuck with the violin and didnt act like she was so completely stuck in the mud and wasnt going to budge in her decision to join the band.
I hope to one day get her to see David Garrett but, I dont know that my wallet would survive a ticket sale!!! The 70.00 tickets were a DEAL.
My kid GETS IT... SHE SEES that she can play ANYTHING on her violin. She doesnt have to practice what the teacher shows them in their little handbook. SHE CAN DO IT. She can hear a note and quickly place it CORRECTLY on her instrument! She is incredible.

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  1. My brother was like that with instruments. He could pick up any instrument and play it. It's amazing, isn't it? Hopefully Ashley takes her God given talent much further than my brother ever did ;).