Thursday, October 1, 2009

I know why...

people think about military wives the way they do.

I guess you could say I was ignorant that people could be so selfish and self indulgent?

I guess you could say I thought that almost everyone who went to the alter to get married really believed the words they spoke.

I guess you could say that I have been completely mistaken.

I am absolutely disgusted with the things that have been going on around me.

And, this stuff... is not just the wives. So, the stigma should include husbands as well.

I hardly leave my house but all gossip makes its way to my ears and I am often picking my jaw up off the floor.

I just dont understand.

Why? Why? Why?

IF you decide you are wanting to take the plunge in to marriage... do it with the strong belief that your love is everlasting.

LISTEN to the words you say.

DON't just HEAR them.

When you make a commitment before the Lord.... STICK TO IT....

What is the deal with "Open" Marriage?

WHY on earth would you get married?


When your husband is away, it doesn't mean you get to play?

The things I hear are DISGUSTING...

What example are you trying to set for the children at your feet?

If you want to have a relationship with someone other than your SPOUSE... GET DIVORCED.

I take the vows I spoke SERIOUSLY and to watch people disregard the vows they took is pathetic.

Did you do it for the dress?

Did you do it for the gifts?

Did you do it because you like a party?

Did you want to be the center of attention?

Was it the shoes?

Was it the BENEFITS?

Was it the "FREE" housing?

Was it for the adventure?


There are people who would LOVE to have everlasting love.

There are people who would LOVE to be a good example for children at their feet!

I understand some people are able to work through an extramarital affair and make it work out. GOOD FOR YOU!


YOU RECALL the reason you got married.

Would I ever be able to forgive my husband?

The answer is NO.

I have not been in the situation but I am not tolerant of it.

At all.

People who are habitual cheaters.

People who have excuse after excuse for their downfalls are ridiculous.

People who walk with their heads held high as if they did nothing wrong disgust me.

They lie.

They cheat.

They set a bad example.

Then they have their spouse return home and what?

Oh, they smack a kiss on the person's lips as if they have done no wrong.

I will not ever accept that what these people are doing is ok.

If your marriage is bad, there are things you can do about it. BEFORE you go and give your body/mind and/or soul to another person.


  1. I'm not a military wife but I have to say- I COMPLETELY AGREE. If you're not in it forever- don't make that commitment.

  2. I found ya on Blog Frog... I'm a Navy wife and I see this nonsense CONSTANTLY. It makes me physically ill. I, and my 2 siblings, were exposed to a cheating father and we ALL have issues as a result... I have ZERO tolerance for infidelity. Thanks for putting this out there... it made ME feel guilty and I've never so much as thought about hugging another man! Hahaha, keep it up :-) You've got a beautiful family and they seem lucky to have you!