Thursday, October 29, 2009

Browsing the Sears Brochure...

... I have decided there are some non-essentials I could live without... but wouldnt mind having anyways.... Well, some are non non-essentials....

Just because I can, I am going to share my list with you!

I already have a Kitchen Aid Mixer. It was a 30th birthday gift from my hubster. He also got me a Dyson and a Mom-to-Be Massage/pedicure/manicure package... oh and they did a hair wash/dry thingie. That was 2 years ago!..... I dont use it much... so, like I said... Non-essentials. I dont need one of those. Scratch it off the list.

Ginsu Knives. I wouldnt mind giving them a whirl. Nothing like having a good knife in the kitchen!

I DONT need a fondue... and it is a non-essential I dont care to try. What about you?

I dont need a kegorator, humidor or wine chiller... Non-essentials for sure. Add that to the list with the fondue. Oh, and also include in that list the Shot Chiller. DO people REALLY Use that stuff THAT often??? I would think those are bar essentials.. for a commercial bar... not someone's home. But, I am a simple gal... so.. maybe you need one??? If you do.. Sears has them.

I could definitely use some GOURMET COOKWARE... THAT would be an ESSENTIAL... My son pulled a frying pan off the counter waiting to be washed... and the whole handle snapped off... down a frying pan. He was actually trying to get the tray to his high chair off the counter... the frying pan came with it. Gates on the kitchen... definitely a good idea. So, the cookware would end up on a list of NEEDS vs. WANTS. The red set is nice!!!! Throw in the matching tea kettle!! I make single serve coffee....

OH WAIT... DID YOU SEE HOW MANY COLORS THEY HAVE FOR THE KITCHEN AID MIXER?! I have light pink... The Susan Komen one. GOOD. GOOD CAUSE. BUT... no... I dont need ANOTHER one... but the COLORS.... How would I CHOOSE?!?!?! Pear??? Boysenberry??? Cornflower blue??? Cobalt Blue?? Ice?? Oh lord... so glad I dont have to choose... I already have one... I DONT use it.

A NEED is a nice decent sized Food processor. I love falafel and my attempt at making some was GLORIOUS! BUT I had to do it in increments... my little tiny food chopper was a little too small.... 9 cup Food processor... HERE I COME!

GRIDDLER GRILL... You can come home with me. You would help me eat more healthy so you belong in my kitchen. Just remind me you are there so I can remember to include you in my weekly menu. OK?

Rotary Waffle maker... We dont need you... but you remind me of college and how we could make waffles. Big mess... big PITA... but I think we could have a blast with you. Make your way to my shopping cart... we will decide when you get there if you should stay there....

LOOK! A toaster oven! We have had a couple of them... barely used them. Do I need another one??? PROBABLY NOT... but... but.. it is red and would match the cookware I mentioned earlier. OH.. and a matching coffee pot AND regular 4 slice toaster... That could be awesome! WITH the RED FOOD PROCESSOR!!!!!!!!! SCORE!

IRON SKILLET.. dont know what I would do with you. I think Ju had one when I was in Louisiana visiting. Maybe one would like to be here with us???? Maybe not. I dont think it would feel very loved.

Ahh... the AS SEEN ON TV specials...

Aqua Globes! YEAH! YES! ME! ME! Oh wait... not only would I forget to water my flowers... so, Aqua Globes could be USEFUL... I WOULD PROBABLY FORGET to fill the AQUA Globes... JUST like I would forget to change the garden flag or refill the bird feeder. Sorry Aqua Globes... not in my house.

Smooth Away... you think???? No hair? No shaving??? Has to be a scam. Nothing in life could be THAT simple... and ON TV... People pay BIG BUCKS for hair removal... I dont believe you Smooth away. Sorry.

Pedi Egg... might be worth a try... OR I could see a doc about the skin problems I have. Yeah, the latter is PROBABLY the better option. No Pedi Egg...

Strap Perfect for the brassiere... I dont think you work on ginormous bras. So, you get to stay where you are. You are not welcome here. UNLESS I have my issue resolved... medically. THEN maybe I could find you useful.

Snuggie. Seriously. A blanket will do.

Pedi Paws... use to go by a different name. It used to be the Pedi File. Seriously. GOOD JOB changing your name. Won't buy you. Sorry.

Slap Chop... I am faithful to my little food processor.

Rotisserie. WAY easier to walk to the supermarket on a whim to get one made already. WAY less work... WAY less cleanup. NO rotisserie for me!

Well... my awesome son walked away from me with my catalog. Maybe he is going to get a job and buy me something!!!!!! So, there you have it... my thoughts as I browse the Sears Brochure!

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  1. Ooooh. I need a food processor, too. It certainly would make the falafel process an easier one....Ha!

    The slap chop just makes me laugh!