Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We are 1 week old!

I can not believe it was a week ago we were watching as Rosa birthed these puppies!!! They are already developing personalities and they can make some NOISE! Rosa is doing well as a momma. Getting out of the box more often now and has her moments of thinking she is a puppy!!! HAHA! She just wants to lay in her cushy bed.... spoiled princess.

Pup #1, "Walter"... only named that because his 2 ribbons are the colors of the Chicago Bears.... Walter Payton.... We ran out of ribbon, I thought I was buying too much when I purchased 7 rolls of color... boy was I wrong! He is so stinking cute I cant stand it.

Pup #2 Turquoise

Pup #3 Purple (our little but super cute boy)

Pup #4 Green
Pup #5 Blue... he is a noisy boy, a mover .... and so full of personality. He is one of the bigger ones! AKA Sawyer Blue

Pup #6 Orange... LOVE him!

Pup #7 our pudgy girl, Coral ... She can hang with the big boys! LOL!

Pup #8, our little Girl Miss Pink... BOY can she MOVE though!

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  1. Coral is my favorite! They are sooooo cute! :)