Sunday, April 11, 2010

4 1/2 days old!

Our pups have grown so much in such a short time!!!!!! AND they are starting to get little personalities!
Rosa is still a super mom. She saw the vet today and everything looks ok! Watching out for any signs of mastitis, or... not feeding the babies or whatever. But everything looks ok!

Pup #1.... Walter

Pup #2 Turquoise
Pup #3 Purple The Smallest boy in the bunch

Pup #4 Green

Pup #5 Blue (the noisiest of the bunch! and a HEFFER! HE has the biggest head of the bunch too!)
Pup #6 Orange

Pup #7 Coral... our chunky girl
Pup #8 Hot pink... she is our small girl, probably smallest of all pups... but boy can she move!

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