Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful, quiet Easter this year. We did not attend any church services at all. We hung out in the living room and then outside and enjoyed our beautiful weather we have been having the past few days. After a crazy and hectic week, it sure was nice to just relax... oh, and I did some cooking! I made a lemon pound cake and a Carrot cake. I also made a chili cheese dip and Tex Mex Chicken appetizer. We went over to our neighbor's house and had Easter dinner with them. They also had an egg hunt even though it was mostly for our kids to hunt because Josh (Ashley's "boyfriend") decided he just wanted to help them find them. He helped to hide them. All in all it was a WONDERFUL relaxing day with good friends and good food... Our family and the Banks Family (minus 2 teenagers)
It's almost as if we are walking in to the "sunset" of our time here in CT. All of us. Our neighbor will be retiring from the Navy at the same time that we transfer. So, this Easter Celebration is considered one of our "No-More" events. "No-More" Easters in CT. Off they all go... No-More

Ashley and Sydney in a mad dash around the empty lot looking for those hidden eggs! Thank you guys for doing that!
It must be the age. Ashley is ALWAYS making faces now for pictures. Makes me CRAZY!

One Legged Jump Roping Sydney... notice the writing on the pavement done by my hubby!

Ashley 10 Years

Daddy and Sydney enjoying the sunshine

What did you find Sydney
VERY happy little boy
The kiddos ready for the egg hunt!

Kiley and CJ planning what to do with the skateboard...

How about we do it like this?
Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Easter!

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